What are the types of terrazo tiles?

type of terrazzos , cement

Terrazo is the name given to the pavement formed by chinas or pieces of marble.

The Terrazo is a tile of cement mortar vibro pressed by the layer of base and the layer of footprint, these tiles are differentiated by their composition and their coloring, as well as by their form, their finished and their surface.

The upper face is composed of pieces or grains of aggregates; examples of these are marbles, limestones, granites, silicas and basalts, which are agglomerated with cement, normally colored.

However, the lower layer that supports the exposed face is formed by a gray cement mortar with a rough finish to facilitate adhesion with the bonding mortar.

Terrazo is classified into several types such as:

Normal use, intensive use, for exterior use and industrial use.

However, in order to manufacture Terrazo, raw materials must be properly measured, such as:

  • Water
  • Marble dust and crisps
  • Glass crisps
  • the sands,
  • the addictives,
  • and both coarse and fine grindings.

These types of Terrazo can be of different formats and compositions and the appropriate model must be chosen, depending on traffic, wear and tear, interior, exterior, among others.

Among the most used Terrazo we can distinguish: granicolor, vibrocolor, terracolor and Terrazo.

Terrazo Granicolor

It is a Terrazo tile that is used for interior spaces with normal or intensive traffic, it is installed both in housing and in public places.

terrazo granicolor type

It is characterized by having the face of the agglomerate seen and polished. These tiles wear with friction, are resistant to bending and shock and have very good water absorption.

Epoxy Terrazo

The mos common terrazo used for floors on commercial or residential constructions. This type of terrazo is considered to require more maintenance and polishing work. It is pretty interesting when combinig on countless spaces due to its versatility, patterns, shiny and multicolor surfaces. In general terms, it is more recommendable at indoor and outdoor spaces where high traffic is considerable.

epoxy terrazo example

Cement terrazo

The cement terrazo is better to use on exterior because it is made for high demand applications. It is pretty suitable when outdoor areas needs a touch of livelyness and trend at the same time. Spaces where this material can be apreciatted are shopping centers, hotels, patios, and pavements. Because of the cement constitution this terrazo´s life expectations are long.

type of terrazzos , cement

Terrazzo Vibrocolor

It is suitable for outdoor spaces and used in sidewalks, squares or any public place. It is characterized for having in its face drawings and the agglomerate seen and polished.

This type of tile, like the granicolor, wears out with friction, is resistant to bending and shock and has very good water absorption.

Another type of Terrazo, is the Terracolor, this is a concrete slab that like the vibrocolor is used for exterior spaces such as floor coverings, both in sidewalks and in squares or in any public place.

It is characterized by having its face textured by means of matrices that imitate natural stones. This material has the same characteristics as vibrocolor and granicolor.

Rustic terrazo

Being rustic type, this terrazzo is required for outdoor flooring. It is very similar to cement but the finishing is different because it has a rough texture to avoid slipping in different weather conditions.

rustic terrazo for floor

Being an outdoor material, it is perfect for commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, museums, stores, boutiques, shopping malls and pool surroundings.