The perfect outfit for a spring terrace party

choose your outfit for the terrace party

The good weather, the days with friends, an endless number of activities fill our agendas and we always have to try to be perfect for the occasion.

One of the favorite places for us during the spring are the terraces, that place where we spend hours and hours having a snack, eating and telling anecdotes. We must always take into account the activity we are going to do to be dressed correctly because, a poorly chosen look can ruin a day that could be much more fun.

Wear comfortable clothes 

Opting to wear loose-fitting clothes is the best idea you can have in spring and even more so if you are going for a walk on the terraces. A boho or hippie cut dress, 70’s style, is an excellent option to create a look when you are going to go to a terrace because it meets all the requirements. 

On the other hand, another good option to spend a long day in terraces would be a skirt. Combine it with a strapless blouse or strapless, can make your look a success although, also if you combine it with a cotton shirt.

Going back to basics such as jeans or skinny pants is not a good idea. With the heat and high temperatures of spring, wearing tight clothes and rather thick fabric should be totally discarded because it will make your day a real hell. 

What shoes to wear

A comfortable shoe is going to keep us happy, without worrying about our feet suffering. A good idea is to choose a sandal type shoe, either a flat sandal or one with a little heel or wedge. 

Remember that we’re not going to a special event, so we shouldn’t resort to overdressed footwear either, but neither is it an excursion to the countryside or the mountains, so we should leave aside closed-toe sports-style shoes that are too casual.

Combine your accessories

Betting on decorating our outfits with bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc., can turn a boring look into a totally different one, giving it a point of originality and personality. In spring, using accessories such as hats, borsalinos or pamelas are a success, as well as protecting you from the sun’s rays on your head, they give us a point of glamor and unbeatable style.

As for the bags, in spring to go to a terrace, a mini bag or raffia bag is the perfect choice because it is comfortable and allows us to carry just enough to spend a very pleasant day. Carrying a bag that is too big can complicate your stay with your friends due to its weight.