The deep meaning of using marble in your wedding

marble for bad luck and economy

The purity, luxury and beauty of this natural stone will give your wedding a unique meaning.

Having a marble wedding can add a modern and elegant style to your big day. This raw material will instantly revamp any piece of décor, from invitations to seating assignments and desserts. Whether in classic shades of gray and white, or in a colorful mix of colors, there is no wrong way to add the striped pattern and make it look amazing.

The symbolism behind marble is also the ideal for a link. The rock is a durable material that is often used in sculptures, home interiors and construction. So, having something related to art, beautiful spaces and strong foundations is a great idea, because it protects economic stability. 

It also kills “bad luck” and promotes self-confidence and self-assurance. It could be said that it helps to relieve nerves and stress -necessary at a wedding-. It is also considered the stone of immortality because of its strength and resistance to the passage of time, since it keeps its shape for decades.

See how marble is used in houses and bathrooms.

From furniture to tableware

Some of the elements you can incorporate are: furniture made with real marble stone, calligraphy tiles as escort cards -instead of the traditional paper ones- or use pieces of different shapes and sizes to indicate the table number.

Invitations, wedding tables, wedding cakes, tableware, carpets, furniture… a thousand and one are the options to add a touch of marble to a special and very original decoration on your wedding day. 

A very original way to include your guests in the marble wedding decoration is to personalize your dessert table. One hundred percent recommended for those who will not give cake.

If what you feel like is to innovate do not follow the canons of decoration of all the weddings you have attended, marble is a booming trend but there are still few companies that have this material, so you will be one of the first brides of this country.

Marble was one of the most popular trends in the mid-20th century and now it is more fashionable than ever. This cool material has not only crept back into our homes or our lives -as for example in our iphone case- but we are starting to see the first ideas to incorporate it as a main decorative element in a wedding.

Invitations, place cards, under plates, seating plans with beautiful lettering and even cakes can be subjected to a ‘marbleization’, especially giving it the appearance of the well-known white marble with gray veining of Carrara, although there are also other versions and finishes.

Its sobriety makes it a perfect material for the most elegant weddings where combined with pink quartz tones can achieve a more romantic look and together with copper and gold can give a more chic result.