Marble, a great decorative option in your garden

marble fancy option for gardens and patios

The arrival of spring and its consequent good temperatures make us want to spend more time outdoors. Do you have a garden or do you know someone who does? 

Today we show you the trends in garden decoration oriented to the use of natural stones such as marble. Natural stone has particular qualities that are not shared by artificial imitations, which will make the garden more colorful and showy.

Betting on marble is always a good option, because when exposing the stone continuously to the outside, we must ensure that they meet a number of characteristics that ensure durability. Therefore, due to their characteristics, marble is ideal.

Nature to nature

marble options for garden decor

As you probably already know, marble is a rock of metamorphic origin. This means that it has been formed through the process of metamorphism involving factors such as heat, pressure and chemical fluids. Due to its properties it is widely used in construction, art and decoration.

This third use of marble is applicable to gardens, where you can carry out ideas such as placing a marble table, marble seats or even a fountain sculpted in marble. You don’t have to limit yourself to the classic shapes of tables or planters; innovation has also come to the design of objects, and now you can choose from a wide variety of types of tables, seats, planters, basins, fountains, and so on. 

Another idea could be to place a table engraved with an inscription carved in marble, which will give a classic air to your home.

The options are many and varied. You can also place figures and statuettes of, for example, animals or any other that you find attractive.

In addition to objects such as tables, fountains or statuettes you can also place carved stones as tiles made of marble. The combination of natural stone with the colorful green of the garden. And of course we can not forget the mosaics. The tesserae mosaics made of marble are a decorative object that will fit perfectly in your garden. Have you already thought of a design?

marble fancy option for gardens and patios