How to decor a tiny apartment as a loft studio

how to decore a tiny apartment as a loft studio

Even a 300 square feet apartment could look great, with just a few ideas.

Nowadays, in big cities all over the world, the prices of the built housing subway are astronomical, so we are reducing more and more the space of the houses. And we are looking for a smaller apartment, with lower cost and easy maintenance, loft decoration.

To make the most of these reduced surfaces, the best thing is to avoid partitions and make the distribution of the different areas needed in the same space, and look for great solutions in modern convertible and small size furniture. That is to say, think of a studio loft decoration.

How to decorate a small house enjoying their space, so that everything fits smoothly in a beautiful way and with your style? How to make the decoration of small spaces make a home cozy and organized?

The best alternative may be to hire an architect or interior designer, so that this professional can identify all the possibilities and strategic solutions and give the best use of space. But even having an expert at our disposal, we have to have clear ideas, know the priorities and needs. If we have skill and dynamism we could try to make a planned interior decoration, the loft decoration that we want.

Good tips for loft decoration

decoring your apartment

Obviously the purpose when designing loft floor decoration is to include everything we need with order and harmony. We must avoid excess and clutter. We know that in the decoration of small houses is always necessary to have areas of passage or free.

The best advice for these mini apartments is to use every corner to the maximum, try to occupy the vertical space, give the furniture that takes up more space different options and play with sliding panels that show or hide according to our interest are attractive alternatives.

Choosing a neutral color palette is an important point. As space is minimal, it is necessary to maintain a basic line, without many changes of materials and with the combination of three colors is sufficient. Try to use light colors such as white, ecru or gray, which help to improve lighting and feel spacious, clean and organized.

If you prefer dark colors, follow the rule of three tones, in this case it would be good if one of them was the predominant one. For example, we can paint the entire floor walls dark gray with some wooden furniture and apply details in a tone that stands out. In all cases, and even more so in this case, the artificial lighting must be well designed, which will ensure that the atmosphere is not too dark, even at night.

Avoid large furniture, as it would take up space and make the place seem smaller. Choose furniture with simple lines, generally straight lines are better because they are less bulky and easier to stack, if necessary.

300 square feet loft decoration

We will discover that in a room of barely 300 square feet we can place everything necessary for a couple to live comfortably. How to furnish such a small loft?

The owners of this mini apartment wanted to give great importance in the loft decoration to the kitchen because they use it a lot.

The placement of the bed in height gives the possibility to use the space below and, although it seems incredible, it has been possible to place a dressing room in which there is capacity for large quantities of clothing.

The white color of the walls, ceiling and furniture in the area of the kitchen loft and bedroom give more light and width and manages to differentiate from the rest, the loft decoration has been decorated in vintage style. Although the most appropriate style of decoration for small spaces can be the minimalist style.

how to decor a tiny apartment

The living area has two distinct areas; sofa and low table on one side and dining table on the other. The dining table is also used as a desk. All maintaining a vintage style of decoration.

The support of the kitchen counter, consists of a bookcase with shelves to take advantage of even the smallest space.

The kitchen and the bedroom are separated by a transparent wall to gain space. In these cases the kitchens are American-style or integrated.

The only part that is independent in the loft decoration, is the bathroom, clearly we will find a small bathroom. A tiny bathroom with the shower in the background.

With this loft decoration has achieved a mini apartment complete with everything necessary for a modern couple.