Granite, the perfect natural stone for your home

granite perfect stone for home decor

The durability and elegance of granite make more and more people choose it for their homes.

Marble and granite have always been present in environments related to the world of interior design, but recently they are causing a great furor in this activity.

Granite is an igneous rock formed by quartz, feldspar and mica, depending on the proportion and characteristics of these different shades of granite are obtained, from the one that has a white color to black granite through pink, green … You can almost choose it a la carte.

Thanks to these minerals granite has a great hardness, resistance and aesthetic qualities, properties that make your choice a guarantee for our home.

granite classy option for home decoration

It is undoubtedly the best choice we can make for the floors of our home (both indoors and outdoors), but the best results are obtained in kitchens, where granite is the clear winner for countertops.

Other places where it fits perfectly is in the bathroom, a way to get a cozy atmosphere is through a natural material such as granite on floors, walls or sink countertops. Let’s not forget about other uses such as wall coverings or fireplace fronts, thanks to the different colors, we can create very cozy, different and elegant environments.

Nor its use as furniture, a granite table will be the center of attention in your kitchen, living room or garden.

Decorating with granite tiles

A granite floor will undoubtedly be the protagonist of your living room, I do not recommend that you recharge the room with a lot of furniture, it would be very baroque.

In the opposite direction the same thing happens if you decide on a table, furniture, granite fireplace, choose a floor that does not draw too much attention. Another trend is to play with a traditional floor such as granite and modern furniture, this contrast will give a lot of life to your home.

To enhance the presence of your granite countertop, use a simple design with straight lines and enhance with a linear light; it will make all the brightness of the countertop into the scene, in turn the white elements will enhance the brightness and luminosity of our granite countertop.

As for colors, a light one is perfect for a small room as it gives a sense of light and space, with the dark ones we get the opposite effect.

Care of a granite floor

The maintenance of this material requires little care, its care is quite simple and they are economical to keep always like new. As in any type of floor, not to mistreat it will be key. But with proper cleaning, we will have our floor as the first day.

granite tiles for floors

For cleaning, it is as easy as removing dust and scrubbing with a mixture of warm water and neutral PH floor soap.

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