In the kitchen



Salads & small dishes

cucumber peach salad

spring chickpea salad

strawberry peach quinoa salad

cherry & thyme salad

thai zucchini salad 

miso deviled eggs

smoked salmon jalepeno chive toast

roasted beet and parsnip toast


roasted carrot naan pizza

fontina & blackberry basil grilled cheese

avocado crab rolls

sesame lime squid tacos

beet and blue cheese pita pockets

peanut soba noodles


raspberry rhubarb pecan galette




Salads & small dishes

grilled radicchio salad

fig, blueberry, and prosciutto salad

grapefruit and kale salad

baked eggs with kale, mushroom, asparagus, and bacon

pomegranate salsa

broiled grapefruit with kale crisps


orange-chili tempeh veggie bowl

sweet potato naan pizza

parsnip apple soup

grilled apple, kale, & gouda quesadilla with sage


persimmon crumble

hemp seed scotcheroo bars


Juices/Smoothies/Smoothie bowls

berry mint smoothie

peach & almond butter smoothie bowl

blueberry smoothie bowl

acai bowl

orange pineapple express