Welcome to sprig & berry! I’m Erin, and I do the styling, photography, recipe development, & recipe writing for this site.

This blog is centered around my passion for gardening and cooking. Together, they allow me to slow down and live in the moment. I’d say it’s a food journal of a gardener. It started as an escape from my job as a lab tech, but now I can’t see my life without the two. I don’t adhere to any specific diet, my cooking style is just plant based and seasonal + occasional local dairy, eggs, meat, and seafood in smaller amounts. I love to push creative boundaries to make beautiful, fresh dishes that ultimately support local, seasonal, organic farming.

Other tidbits about me:

  •  Chris and I welcomed our baby girl, Madeline, into our family on 2/26/18. I’m loving being a new mom, as challenging as it can be!
  • I love cats and have 2 tabbies
  • I’m a music lover. Especially electronic, ambient, raggae, and hip hop. You can check out my bandcamp collection here
  • I like being outdoors and always look forward to backpacking, hiking, and going on long bike rides
  • I have a sweet tooth
  • I’m drawn to flavor combinations of herbs and fruit; that’s why I named my blog sprig & berry.

I hope for sprig & berry to inspire others to garden and/or cook seasonal and local food. Thanks for checking it out, feel free to contact me about anything.

Here’s my portfolio for more of my food photography work.

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