Welcome to sprig & berry; the food journal of an urban gardener.

I’m Erin, the urban gardener. I started this blog after moving to the pacific northwest from my hometown of Minnesota. I needed a creative outlet to show my family from home about my new life out here. It’s still very much my creative outlet, but my focus is now on two things I’m passionate about that also go hand in hand for me: gardening and cooking.

I find gardening to be instinctual and cooking to be meditative. My garden is a unique tiered plot layout resting on the downward slope of our backyard, partially under a holly tree. Since I’ve been cooking with the produce I grow, I have begun to crave it over processed food. My cooking style is plant based and seasonal + occasional local dairy, eggs, meat, and seafood in smaller amounts. I do notice that I cook the most spontaneous and creative when I’m cooking a purely plant-based meal from the garden. I like both quick, fresh meals as well as slow cooked beauties, and I really love incorporating herbs. I also love a well crafted dessert to round out a good meal!

Other tidbits about me:

  •  I’m a genetic technologist and I live in Seattle, WA with my husband Chris (he is a pro at making homemade pasta!) and our 2 cats.
  • I’m a lefty
  • Currently brewing kombucha
  • I like to compost and recycle and I’m into finding ways to reduce waste
  • I like being outdoors and always look forward to backpacking
  • I’m a night owl trying to conform to the standards of society and being awake at work
  • I’m very drawn to flavor combinations of herbs and fruit; that’s why I named my blog sprig & berry.

I hope for sprig & berry to inspire others to garden and/or cook seasonal and local food. Thanks for checking it out, feel free to contact me about anything.

Here’s my portfolio for more of my food photography work.

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