Welcome to sprig & berry! I’m Erin, the gardener, recipe developer, and photographer.

Sprig & berry revolves around my passion for gardening and cooking. Together, they allow me to slow down and live in the moment. It started as a creative outlet and escape from my job as a lab tech, but I love keeping it up and letting the creativity flow with the seasons. I don’t adhere to any specific diet in particular, but my cooking style leans toward plant based and seasonal along with local dairy, eggs, and occasional meat and seafood in smaller amounts. I love to push creative boundaries to make beautiful, fresh dishes that ultimately support local, seasonal, organic farming.

Other tidbits about me:

  • Chris and I welcomed our baby girl, Madeline, into our family on 2/26/18. I’m loving being a new mom, as challenging as it can be..
  • I love cats and have 2 tabbies
  • I’m a music lover and I miss cassette tapes. You can check out my funky bandcamp collection here
  • I like being out in nature – biking, hiking, and camping especially
  • I have a sweet tooth! I’m trying to get it under control but it’s always there
  • I’m drawn to flavor combinations of herbs and fruit; that’s why I named my blog sprig & berry

I hope for sprig & berry to inspire others to garden and/or cook seasonal and local food!

*Update – Sprig & berry is coming to an end! 7/1/2020 will be the last day the site will be up. If you’re interested saving any recipes, email me to let me know which ones, and I can gladly pass them on to you. Thanks for your understanding!


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