This little blog that I started back in 2015 is coming to an end! It began as a way to share my photos and evolved into something bigger. I’ve loved sharing recipes and photos, but for a few reasons, I’m officially retiring Sprig & Berry.

First off, I’ve been slowly taking my photography in a different direction: documenting families. Don’t get me wrong, shooting food and travel is amazing, I’m just not as inspired with it as I used to be. I’m drawn to the connection in families and any blogging I do will now be on my photography website.

Second, I feel that posting recipes isn’t a fair representation of how I (and Chris) cook lately, which is basically without recipes. There are some times when we do follow a recipe, but for 90% of the things Chris or I make (salads, sandwiches, grilled things, etc) we hastily throw ingredients together as our daughter is snowballing into a hangry meltdown, so no recipe is followed. It’s all on a whim. So really, it just doesn’t feel right to develop and write up step by step recipes any more. I do find them inspirational, but I rarely follow exactly unless it’s for bread, pizza dough, pie crust, pasta, or other staples and baked goods.

With that said, I’ll be discontinuing the Sprig & Berry on July 31st. Thank you to everyone who’s read the posts and everyone I’ve met and worked with along the way! I saved my recipes in word document form, so email me if there are any recipes that you’d like a copy of. Some day down the road, I’d love to make a cookbook of our family staples. For now, we’re still improving and perfecting them as we live our crazy lives. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past 5 years. Cheers everyone!

mint berry smoothie-2VegFest-47fritters-1PSU-20cherrythyme-2tofino-57smoked salmon-2wine-14galette-1PSU-27scotcheroo-2blueberry-4mint berry smoothie-1tofino-35persimmon-6carrot-4feast-16noodles-3VegFest-23maui-2feast-9feast-14tempeh-5wine-20workshop-2tofino-51


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