Vegfest Recap

I didn’t know what to expect going into this year’s Twin Cities Vegfest. Sure, I’m moving more toward a plant-based diet, but I’m not vegan. My love for cheese is real. Do I belong there? Should I even shoot at it? At the end of that hot September day, I walked away smiling, exhausted, and very pleased to shoot at such a cool event. My favorite part of this event was meeting and chatting with the incredible people behind the scenes. The ones that make the food what it is and the ones that put on the festival. The ones that hustle to make their passion come to life and support their fellow neighbors doing the same. The awesome attendees and their adorable children and pups. Everyone involved made this an incredible food festival.

I was extremely impressed by the food I tried, and I’m blown away by our strong plant based food scene here in the twin cities. Check out my list of a handful of the vendors below and give them a try if you haven’t yet.

Overall, Vegfest, a project of Compassionate Action of Animals, was a great experience. The festival aims to encourage people to move toward a plant-based diet, but is open to absolutely everyone. So yes, I did belong. And I did sample, mingle, shoot, and have a memorable experience. It was such a good summer send-off in a beautiful location, and I look forward to next year!


Artisans and vendors pictured:

Summer in a cup by Evan’s Organic Eatery

Cupcakes by Vegan East

Jackfruit nachos and lemongrass tacos by Reverie Mobile Kitchen

Fried peanuts by Tootie’s Southern Peanuts

Fro Yo Soul

The Herbivorous Butcher

So Good So You

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