O’o Farm

Time for a post about a happy place. The last few days have been emotionally taxing, and I’m still sort of in this confused, disgusted, depressed, weird state of mind. I’m scared about the future of our country and the earth, since the newly elected has expressed his disregard with climate change, amongst many other incredibly important issues. I have heard many kind words and positive thoughts though, and feel like we can peacefully stand up for what we believe in and stick with each other in this uncertain time.

This is a series from O’o Farm in the upcountry farming community of Maui. This beautiful 8 acre farm biodynamically cultivates and supplies the produce for 2 restaurants and a market in Maui. Our guide educated us on many of the principles they go by, from planting to composting. We explored the garden, picked ingredients, and got to enjoy a very memorable farm to table lunch. O’o Farm has a love for the land that runs deep. If only all humans, especially leaders, could share that mentality.

maui-3 maui-2 maui-5 maui-6 maui-4 maui-9 maui-10 maui-8 maui-11 maui-7

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